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hello my name is courtney and this blog is a mess |
❝I couldn't get the boy to kill me, but I wore his jacket for the longest time | x


The Walking Dead - walker kills per episode

1x05 - Wildfire
→ onscreen Kill Count: 4

The Avengers. It’s what we call ourselves, sort of like a team.


 asked 4 + teen wolf

get to know me meme — [3/5] favorite tv shows: orange is the new black (2013-present)

Did it ever occur to you that we don’t wanna get in touch with our feelings? That actually feeling our feelings might make it impossible to survive in here?

The Rains Of Castamere String Quartet

my best friend on snapchat is my mom

'Cause you're my queen and I'm your lionheart

It will draw them here. Like a beacon. 

Be your own anchor.