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ordering pizza online is the best technological advancement since the internet itself


what do u mean this is not what happened

Did you believe that you could change me, the way I’ve changed you?

I already did.

they saw the opportunity and they took it

Harry Potter + blue


do u think buckys arm makes overheated computer sounds when he blushes due to his rise in body temperature like imagine steve kissing his cheek and suddenly u hear “WHIRRRRRRRRRRRRR”



but shit it was 99 cents

the macklemobile




okay so imagine an au where the potters live. harry dates oliver wood briefly. james hears of this and pulls harry aside. stares him in the eye with a deadly serious face
“he’s a Keeper”

You made an entire AU that would alter almost every facet of that series
For a pun
You’re a beautiful person.

"Are you serious right now, Dad?"

"No, I’m not serious. I’m Dad. He’s Sirius."